The City of Cortland Planning, Zoning & Building Commission met on Monday, January 13, 2014 at 7:00 P. M. at the City Administration Building, 400 N. High Street, Cortland, Ohio. In attendance were the following board members: Chairman, Bill Sasse, Vice Chairman Charles Peck, Sally Lane, James Chubb, and John Picuri. Also present were Mayor Curt Moll, Law Director Patrick Wilson, Service Director Don Wittman and the following individuals:


††††††††††† Laura Petrocco††††††††† †† 665 Cedar Drive†††† ††††††††††† Cortland

††††††††††† Tony Petrocco†††††††††† †† 665 Cedar Drive†††††††††††††††† Cortland

††††††††††† Kevin Piros††††††††††††††† †† 244 Greenbriar†††††††††††††††††† Cortland

††††††††††† ††††††††††† †††††††††††

Bill Sasse:Today is Monday, January 13, 2014.Iíd like to call to order the Cortland Planning, Zoning & Building Commission. Can we have roll?

Roll Call: Bill Sasse, here; Sally Lane, here; John Picuri, here; Charles Peck, here; Jim Chubb, here.


Bill Sasse:Can I have a motion for approval of commission minutes for December 9, 2013?


James Chubb made a motion to approve December 9, 2013 meeting minutes, seconded by Sally Lane.

Roll Call:Jim Chubb, yes; Sally Lane, yes; Bill Sasse, yes; John Picuri, abstain; Charles Peck, yes.MOTION APPROVED.


Bill Sasse:Seeing no old business, weíll move on to new business.Can I have a motion for approval of 01-14 Ė Final Plat Approval for Petrocco Plat #12 Ė Tony Petrocco, Jr.Charles Peck made a motion for approval of 01-14, seconded by Sally Lane.


Bill Sasse:Who do we have to speak on this?


Tony Petrocco:Tony Petrocco.All of the improvements have been in there for two or three years.Last year we put in Petrocco Plat #11 which is the last four lots.Now we are moving on with another four lots which would be Petrocco 12 and the next 8 lots will be Plats 13 and 14.At this time we want approval of Petrocco Plat #12.


Mayor Moll:So that is lots 9, 10, 11, and 12.


Bill Sasse:It is just #12 isnít it?


Patrick Wilson:That is Plat 12.


Mayor Moll:Plat 12 consists of the 4 lots: 9,10,11 and 12.


Bill Sasse:Does anybody have any questions?


Don Wittman:Just for review for the minutes and for members that werenít here when this was approved.This goes back to 2008 Ė the preliminary plat for the acreage on Maplewood Drive extension.Those improvements were in, accepted at the March 19th meeting of Council through R-11-12. So we accepted the improvements, at that same meeting we accepted Petrocco Plat #11 which was the dedication of the roadway and the back four lots.The improvements were subsequently accepted after the expiration of the probationary period in April of this past year.So the plan was to accept the roadway and then plat off the acreage back toward the existing roadway toward the apartments.It was a little unique in that but gave the developer greater flexibility in lot lines as the market dictated.The single family homes that are being constructed there now have found a niche in the market and I believe they are going to proceed with the same style.So even though there are some that are 100 feet wide you are going to still constructÖ


Tony Petrocco:What we are doing is for the senior citizens a two bedroom on a slab and trying to keep the cost in the low $100s and depending what size the lots are they are all going to be about the same 1200 sq. ft. or a little bit more but not much more.


Don Wittman:So at this point, the area is zoned residential multi-family.†† The lots meet the zoning requirements and everything is in compliance with the zoning ordinance.


James Chubb:This plat 12 will be all residential, single family?


Don Wittman:Correct, but it is zoned residential multi-family.If something changed and someone wanted to build a duplex on Lot 9 they could, but they would not be able to on Lot 10 though because it is 80 feet wide.


Bill Sasse:†† Does anyone else have any questions?†† Seeing none, can we have a vote on 01-14?

Roll Call:Sally Lane, yes; Bill Sasse, yes; Jim Chubb, yes; John Picuri, abstain; Charles Peck, yes.MOTION PASSED.


Bill Sasse:Thank you.Next on our regular meeting is discussion on the zoning map.You should all have a copy of it.


Don Wittman:After some extensive work last year in reviewing every parcel in the city, comparing it to historical zoning maps, our current zoning map, and zone changes and annexations, and reviewing other information available to the administration Ė this is the final product of a zoning map best depicting zoning classifications for the parcels in the city.The cartographer also prepared a land use map which is more just for comparison, that isnít anything official.It is based off some compartmentalized land use codes as established by the auditorís office.It might not necessarily work out that is it vacant or agricultural but it is based on what the auditor has on their tax records.


Bill Sasse:I guess my first question is Ė there are two little spots here in the middle of town.They are marked in white that look like they are not part of the city.


Mayor Moll:Right, they arenít.


Bill Sasse:Is there anything that can be done to bring those into the city?They are just hanging out there with no regulations by anybody probably.


Don Wittman:They are not part of the city.The property owner would have to petition the commissioners to annex.


Patrick Wilson:The city doesnít have the authority to annex those in unless you declare them land that has no value.


Bill Sasse:Who do they belong to?


Mayor Moll:There are 4 or 5 parcels here on 46.They belong to the people that live there, there are 4 houses.


Bill Sasse:So, they are not Bazetta?They are not anybody?


Mayor Moll:They are Bazetta.Whatever they were before.This little spot over here on Main Street is Fowler Township and the other one that is an island a little bit lower down is also Fowler Township.It is just that the property was annexed around them and that is the way it is going to be until they want to do something different.


Don Wittman:There is nothing this board can do to address that.


Mayor Moll:I am curious as to why these condos on Walnut Run are no designation but I guess that is just the way it was on the auditorís site.Don, in the middle of Walnut Run on Golf Drive there are a few that are designated as residential of some variety but the rest are no designation Ė on the land use map.I am just curious that they did it that way.Are we going to try and fix that?


Don Wittman:I donít think we can really go and do that without talking to the auditor and getting them to change the land use codes.


Mayor Moll:There is a parcel at the end of Cricket that is a condo also that is not designated as anything.


Don Wittman:I guess that would require you to make a call to the auditor.


Patrick Wilson:There is no real overriding reason to make that change.


Mayor Moll:If they donít use that for tax purposes we donít really care.


Don Wittman:But I guess what the goal of 2014 for this board would be to make some zoning determinations and zoning changes based on zoning classifications that are close to 20 years old which we donít utilize.There were a lot of gaps as far as trying to determine what a zoning classification would be for a property that was originally shown as non-taxable.There was a zoning designation for an area that was retained agricultural.††† Those we chose to give a null designation and that is shown as pink.If the parcel is pink whatever it was in the past or whatever it was changed to does not meet our current zoning classifications so we need to address those.That would be like the High School was shown as non-taxable.We need to go in and give it either a single-family designation based on whatís around it or give it a zoning determination.


Bill Sasse:Same would go for library.We are starting to get a couple of buildings like that, arenít we?


Don Wittman:The first go round would be to give a zoning determination to the parcels that have a null classification.


BillSasse:Can we have a separate meeting just to discuss this without it being a formal zoning meeting?


Patrick Wilson:That would depend on when you want to have it and (inaudible).


Bill Sasse:Just to figure out what needs to be changed and discuss.


Patrick Wilson:Do you want to look at it yourselves and have a work session maybe?


Bill Sasse:That would probably be the route to take then.


Patrick Wilson:We could do that.


Mayor Moll:But before we had a work session, I think we would want to go through and identify what the issues were.


Bill Sasse:That is what I am talking about, find out what is not right.We know the library, we know the school.


Terri Barnovsky:Neither of the libraries are on the list.We have already generated a table for all of the nulls.


Mayor Moll:That is what I am saying.We sit down with the table for the nulls and deal with them one at a time.Here is what it is Ė these are the surrounding properties Ė what do we need to do with them.


Don Wittman:We can come up with a recommendation to the board for all of the nulls.


Mayor Moll:That would sort of be a starting point.


Don Wittman:That is the easy part - the nulls and zoning classification.Then we are going to get into the harder part like the development across the street which is zoned industrial.Changing that to R-12.Changing to Central Business District along downtown Ė the actual Central Business District, where there is zero lot lines and buildings can share a common wall Ė which they do.These were zoning classifications that were thought out and put into the code back in 1996 but never given to the correct parcels.†† Everything was thrown out commercial.You are aware of the issues.So we have an exhaustive list as well of the parcels on High Street where the use doesnít meet the designation, the zoning classification.Because it may be a house but it is zoned Service District.You are not allowed to have residential in the service district and these structures are have no viable use if they become abandoned for six months because they would then have to go to commercial or go for a zone change.So we kind of want to be pragmatic about this, whether we make a recommendation and do several public hearings and then do a wholesale passing of this official zoning map.


Bill Sasse:I think the board would like to go over what you feel needs to be done.Is that right?


James Chubb:Yes, but some of these, Don, which are in the commercial area and everything Ė it has been years.Do we want to take that apart?


Mayor Moll:Well the zoning class doesnít fit the usage there so you have a house there on 46 that you are living in.If you want to sell that house, according to our zoning regulations if that house is vacant for six months it has to go to commercial.You canít use it for residential anymore.So thatís a reason to change it to something else.Whether you change it to residential, or highway office, or central business district Ė those would be okay for residential but the service district itself does not allow residential.


Don Wittman:If you go to Highway Commercial it pretty much preserves the commercial use of the parcel, but it allows residential as well.It also allows pretty much for every commercial except lumber yards, it is restricting larger scale commercial options.Some homework would be to look at your zoning list Attachment C and see if you took it from Service to Highway Commercial what actual uses are you restricting.


Mayor Moll:If you had a string of basically residential homes and one of them in the middle wants to be commercial, that is a problem.If you have a string of commercial properties and one of them is a residential in the middle that is a different kind of problem.We need to identify those and figure them out.


Bill Sasse:One of the things that is going to be a problem is the way everything is busted up on 46 Ė part of it is Cortland, part of it is somebody else and you have to work around that.


Don Wittman:I donít think you have to work around that because as those parcels have been getting annexed and being brought in I have been guiding them away from Service District to Highway Commercial so they have greater flexibility when marketing that property.


Bill Sasse:46 is probably the future of what Cortland is going to be.


Mayor Moll:Highway Commercial is the darker shades of red.There arenít a lot of them but down on South 46 those properties are.


Bill Sasse:Don, can you come up with that list then?


Don Wittman:Yes.


Patrick Wilson:†† Are you asking for a recommendation from Don and then a work session before we start down the road of change?


Bill Sasse:That is what I wanted to ask the board.Do we want to schedule a work session?How long would you need for that list? Two weeks, a month? Next meeting?


Don Wittman:It depends on what list.


Bill Sasse:Your recommendations as to what you feel should be done with some of these properties.


Don Wittman:It also has to be manageable so that when we do have a public hearing to consider the zone change that we donít exceed our occupancy.If we are not out ahead with good PR telling the people on Huntington that they are being rezoned from Agricultural to R-15 and the purpose behind it, you could fill this building, this room just for them alone.


Bill Sasse: So do you want to do this piecemeal?


Don Wittman:I think you are almost going to have to.


Mayor Moll:We are allowed to have these meetings other places, right?


Patrick Wilson:Yes.We have done that in the past.


Bill Sasse:Why donít we work on the ones going to commercial from residential and take the hardest ones first.The agricultural that is going to be fairly easy, isnít it?


Mayor Moll:I would pick off the easy ones first.


Don Wittman:Well that is the null right now.We go in there and change all of that.


Mayor Moll:Why donít we work on the null in one work session?


Patrick Wilson:That might help them understand the whole process.


Bill Sasse:I am just trying to get us started.


Patrick Wilson:They might be able to get their hands around it once we do that.


Don Wittman:I am going through the process and saying we need to do the null.


Patrick Wilson:Why donít we schedule a work session for that?


Mayor Moll:Possibly before the next zoning meeting.†† Well, we canít really do it before, can we?


Don Wittman:We can mail the information out based on the nulls so that you know what we are looking at.You can have a parcel number and basically a description of the property, what is adjacent and what is recommended.


John Picuri:Don, when you send your list how are we going to know which parcel is which?


Terri Barnovsky:When I generated the list I literally went through and numbered it.All of the pink to the top left, most of that is state property.As you come down toward West Main Street, then that is cemetery.That is fairly easy, in that even though that is 6 or 7 parcels most of that is state property.The school is 6 parcels.


Patrick Wilson:So you have it itemized?


Terri Barnovsky:Yes.I can tell you on all of the pinks (nulls) what they are.It is primarily the churches, the city properties including the parks, the schools, and the state property.And Huntington which is the one outlier that is not public use.


Bill Sasse:Why donít you mail this to us and we can do this at our next meeting.They have been pretty light lately anyway.


Patrick Wilson:We will schedule a work session after the meeting.


Bill Sasse:Anything else to be brought before the board this evening?Seeing none, can I have a motion to adjourn?


Sally Lane made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Charles Peck.


Roll Call: John Picuri, yes; Charles Peck, yes; Sally Lane; Jim Chubb, yes; Bill Sasse, yes. MOTION APPROVED.


Meeting Adjourned: 7:23pm.



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William Sasse, Chairman †††††††††††††††††† Date††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† Teresa Barnovsky, Secretary