The City of Cortland Planning, Zoning & Building Commission met on Monday, February 13, 2012 at 7:00 P. M. at the City Administration Building, 400 N. High Street, Cortland, Ohio. In attendance were the following board members: Chairman, Scott Daffron, Charlie Peck, Jim Chubb, and Sally Lane.  Absent was Vice-Chairman, Bill Sasse.  Also present were Mayor Curt Moll, Service Director Don Wittman, and the following individuals:


            Shawna Rudersmith 1100 Industrial Ave               Massillon, Ohio

            James Westbay          1440 Millers Landing            Cortland, Ohio

            Clint McFadden        3054 Brouse St.                      Uniontown, Ohio


Scott Daffron:  Today is Monday, February 13, 2012.  I’d like to call to order the Cortland Planning, Zoning & Building Commission.  Can we have roll?

Roll Call:  Bill Sasse, (absent); Sally Lane, here; Scott Daffron, here; Charles Peck, here; Jim Chubb, here.


Scott Daffron:  Can I have a motion for approval of commission minutes for the Re-organizational Meeting on January 9th, 2012?


Charles Peck made a motion to approve January 9th, 2012 Re-organizational Meeting minutes, seconded by Jim Chubb.  

Roll Call:  Scott Daffron, yes; Charles Peck, yes; Sally Lane, yes; Jim Chubb, yes; Bill Sasse, (absent).  MOTION APPROVED.


Scott Daffron:  Can I have a motion for approval of commission minutes for the Regular Meeting held January 9, 2012? 


Jim Chubb made a motion to approve January 9th, 2012 Regular Meeting minutes, seconded by Sally Lane.

Roll Call:  Jim Chubb, yes; Sally Lane, yes; Bill Sasse (absent); Scott Daffron, yes; Charles Peck, yes.  MOTION APPROVED.


Scott Daffron:  No Old Business.  Moving onto New Business.  Can I have a motion for approval of 03-12 – Replat – Lot 50 of Hidden Lakes Development, Plat No. 6 – New Lot now known as 50A – Jim Westbay.


Charles Peck made a motion for approval of 03-12, seconded by Jim Chubb.


Scott Daffron:  Who do we have to represent this tonight?


James Westbay:  My name is James Westbay.


Scott Daffron:  And again this is just another… same thing…


Don Wittman:  Yeah. This is a similar re-plat to what we’ve seen before on Hidden Lakes.  This in particular is just for that Lot 50 that was taken out of the previous one. Now they are selling the property and that portion is going to go to the new home owner.


Scott Daffron:  Any questions?  Seeing none; can we have a vote on 03-12?

Roll Call: Scott Daffron, yes; Jim Chubb, yes; Sally Lane, yes; Charles Peck, yes; Bill Sasse, (absent).  MOTION PASSED.


Scott Daffron:  That approves your re-plat.


James Westbay:  Thank you.


Scott Daffron:  Next, can I have a motion for approval of 04-12 – New Sign – O’Reilly’s Auto Parts – 415 S High - 70.51 square foot wall mounted sign.  Located on the front of the building.  We need a motion.


Charles Peck made a motion for approval of 04-12, seconded by Sally Lane.


Scott Daffron:  Who do we have to represent this tonight?


Shawna Rudersmith:  Shawna Rudersmith with Adams Signs, sign contractor.


Scott Daffron:  Do you want to give us a little overview of the sign?


Shawna Rudersmith:  It’s their standard O’Reilly’s cloud.  It’s a 4’1” cloud.  It’s got, I think, 23” stacked AP letters on a channel mount base.  It’s also going to be accompanied with new pan faces in the monument that the tenant land owner actually built out there.


Scott Daffron:  With regard to the awning and stuff how’s this…


Shawna Rudersmith:  There’s no awning, sir.


Don Wittman:  Currently, there is an awning there that has Family Video or Movie Gallery.  So I believe on the construction plans that awning is going to go away for the O’Reilly’s portion of the plaza.  I guess what you’re getting at and a more direct question is how is this going to be fastened to the building.


Shawna Rudersmith: You should have fasten plans that I sent over with the e-mailed application.


Scott Daffron:  I’m more confused because I thought we were mounting it on a canopy somewhere.


Mayor Moll:  Is it on the wall or is it on the roof?


Shawna Rudersmith:  It will be on the wall.


Mayor Moll:  It will be on the wall. Okay.


Shawna Rudersmith:  Above the windows is what we call a mansard.  And it will be installed on the mansard.


Mayor Moll:  It doesn’t look like there is any room at all now because of the awning I guess.


Shawna Rudersmith:  Right.


Mayor Moll:  Okay.


Shawna Rudersmith:  If there is not… and Clint you can speak to this… because I don’t think we’ve hired a TC yet have we for this store?


Clint McFadden: I’m not 100% sure if we’ve got a TC or not.


Shawna Rudersmith:  I think the Movie Gallery you guys took over on Parkman in Warren.  They actually built up the mansard so that the sign would fit into city ordinances.


Clint McFadden: Right.


Shawna Rudersmith:  So I’m not sure what has actually happened to get this installation.  We didn’t actually go buy it.  I just know that based on the city ordinance, the linear feet will be 52’8” of store lineal space and then our wall sign at 70.51”  will fit into the city codified ordinance based on the calculation that the 52”…  Don, can you help me, is it 1.5?


Don Wittman:  1.5 times the frontage.  Yes.


Shawna Rudersmith:  Yes. Okay.


Don Wittman:  And that’s even using the smallest frontage of the front of the building and not the side of the building.


Mayor Moll:  There’s no consistency in the way the Movie Gallery’s are constructed.  I think... I mean he built the strip mall and Movie Gallery moved in.  So it’s not necessarily the same as another one would be.


Shawna Rudersmith:  Right.


Mayor Moll:  So it’s just a matter of finding out I guess.


Shawna Rudersmith:  Exactly. What the height is going to be…


Mayor Moll:  But your intent would be to build that little bit of a facade to put it…okay.


Shawna Rudersmith:  Right, if it’s required.


Mayor Moll:  Yeah.


Don Wittman:  Yeah.  It appears that’s what is being constructed to accommodate the sign.  And I guess what we are getting at is it’s going to be professionally mounted and… What is the depth of the panel itself going to be?


Shawna Rudersmith:  I think its 5”.


Don Wittman:  Okay.  I think that other section… I don’t think it can exceed more than 6”.  


Mayor Moll:  It says 5” from the building wall.


Don Wittman:  So it is in compliance with our sign ordinance as far as method of attachment, depth of the sign, as well as the area.  And as a point of reference, we did include the pictorial of what’s going into the ground mounted sign out front and I think this board agrees that when we approved these such as Cortland Commons, the one down at Windsor Park and the one here...  Whenever you change those inside panels we are not going to make them come back for a sign permit each time.


Charles Peck:  Correct.


Don Wittman:  Because that’s technically a name plate. So, that’s just a continuation of the sign in which we granted a variance a few months back.  Actually, I think by putting some color in there it’s going to take away the starkness of the black and white.  It was something different and everybody says, “What is that?”  I said, well just give it some time.  And now you drive pass and you don’t even notice it.


Scott Daffron:  Well, sitting on the sidewalk it was a little cumbersome.


Mayor Moll:  It’s not on the sidewalk anymore.


Scott Daffron:  Do we have any questions?  Seeing none; can we have a vote on 04-12?

Roll Call:  Sally Lane, yes; Bill Sasse, (absent); Jim Chubb, yes; Scott Daffron, yes; Charles Peck, yes.  MOTION PASSED.


Scott Daffron:  That approves your sign.


Clint McFadden:  Thank you.


Shawna Rudersmith:  Thank you.


Jim Chubb:  What’s your total for the Tri-Counties?


Clint McFadden:  As far as number of stores we’ll have here?  Oh.  Let’s see… three in Warren, Cortland, three in Youngstown, Austintown, Hubbard, Canfield, and Boardman.


Jim Chubb:  That’s incredible. That’s great.


Clint McFadden:  We’ll probably have 15 or 20 maybe by the time it’s all said and done.


Scott Daffron:  Anything else up for discussion tonight?  Seeing nothing can I have a motion for adjournment?


Charles Peck made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Jim Chubb.

Roll Call:  Bill Sasse, (absent); Sally Lane, yes; Charles Peck, yes; Jim Chubb, yes; Scott Daffron, yes;  MOTION APPROVED.


Meeting Adjourned: 7:10pm.



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Scott Daffron, Chairman                    Date                            Rhonda Horn, Secretary