Mayor's Biography

Mayor Deidre Petrosky

Current Term:  Jan 1, 2024 - Dec 31, 2027


Mayor Petrosky is currently serving her first year of her second term as mayor.

Before becoming mayor, she served over 20 years on the City Council focusing on fiscal responsibility and maintaining/improving city infrastructure.

As mayor, she took the lead in initiating the update to the City's Strategic Plan in 2021. She completed her first term prioritizing the revitalization of the downtown area and has overseen the implementation of the updated plan. Continuously driving the city forward, the mayor prioritizes the retention, growth, and development within the small business community. She advocates for better opportunities for residents and remains committed to ensuring that the City of Cortland effectively manages tax resources.

• Office manager at Petrosky Brothers Construction, Inc. Family
• Married to Don Petrosky since 1984
• Children – Katie (LHS Class of 2006), David (LHS Class of 2008), and Hannah (LHS Class of 2014)
• Granddaughter – Sophia (LHS Class of 2034)

• Warren G. Harding High School Graduate, Class of 1980
• Miami University, Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Political Science - 1984
• The University of Akron, School of Law, Juris Doctor - 2013

Professional Experiences
• Certified Mediator

Community Involvement
• 2023 Athena Award nominee
• Trumbull County EMA Executive Board Member
• Trumbull County Council of Governments member
• Youngstown Air Reserve Station Base Community Council