Garage Sales

Cortland Garage Sale Regulations
Garage Sale regulations apply to all sales held by a property owner or renter of property in a garage, on a driveway, porch or lawn, but not in the living area of any property. Sale items shall be limited to household items such as furniture, tools, glassware, clothing or other possessions of the person holding the sale.

A permit to hold a garage sale must be obtained at City Hall, 400 North High Street. The permit costs $2.50 per day for a maximum of three consecutive days. Each residence is permitted to hold 2 garage sales per year, at least 3 months apart.

You are allowed to post two directional information signs. Please remove signs by the day after the sale. Do not put signs on utility poles, permanent sign posts, rights of way or city property including the area in front of the City information sign and the clock. Signs improperly placed will be removed.
Church groups of any other nonprofit organization shall be exempt the permit

Refer to Codified Ordinances of Cortland 721.01-99