Service Dept. Projects

Current Projects

  • Mecca St (St Rt 46) Resurfacing & Intersection Improvement Upgrades - Mecca St has been paved, St Rt 46 / St Rt 5 intersection curbing was laid, new catch basins were added and new lighting and mast arms were installed. The finish course of asphalt will be paved in the spring of 2023.

Upcoming Projects

  • Annual Asphalt Resurfacing 2022 (Spring 2023) - Erie Street, Pearl Street, Gates Street, Market Street, Orchard Lane, Tessa Place, Maple Avenue (Orchard Lane to South Colonial Drive), Denman Avenue, Elm Circle, Kean Drive, Sunset Drive
  • Fairway Drive Bridge (2023 construction)

Completed Projects in 2021

  • Annual Asphalt Resurfacing - Debra Place, Wendy Place, Butternut Circle, Park Avenue, Lattin Street, Grove Drive, North Bank Street, South Bank Street, Wall Drive, Portion of Hawthorne Trail (Sycamore Trail to Golf Drive), Portion of Robbies Run (Amy Place to cul-de-sac), Amy Place, Portion of Maple Avenue (East Main Street to Orchard Lane)

Completed Projects in 2020

  • North Mecca Waterline Replacement
  • Annual Asphalt Resurfacing - Huntington Trail, Leckrone Way, Ruby Lane, and Terre Hill Drive. Portions of: Bayview Drive (Delbert Street to eastern city limits), Deer Creek Trail (Fawn Lane to cul-de-sac), Turquoise Drive (Diamond Way to Ruby Lane), Wae Trail (Lakeview Drive to Terre Hill Drive), Whitetail Run (Fawn Lane to cul-de-sac), Aspen Place, Beechwood Drive (small portion), Brookview Drive, Greenbriar Drive (Gemwae Drive to Aspen Place), Oakdale Place, Spring Creek Drive (small portion), Thornhill Drive, and Vinetree Place

Completed Projects in 2019

  • Cedar Drive Waterline Replacement
  • Main St Resurfacing
  • S Colonial Storm Sewer Replacement (Section from East Main St to just south of Maple Ave)
  • Annual Asphalt Resurfacing - South Colonial Dr, Arbor St, Rosewae Ave, Cricket Ln, Woodview Dr (Russell Ave to Cricket Ln), Lakeview Dr (Greenbriar Dr to Wae Tr) and Beechwood (Southdale Blvd to Spring Creek Dr)

Completed Projects in 2018

  • Annual Asphalt Resurfacing - Argali Pl, Chevoit Pl, Corriedale Dr, Cricklewood Dr, Deer Creek Trail, Hillman Dr, Karakul Dr, Natale Dr and Wakefield Dr

Completed Projects in 2017

  • Lakeview Schools Sidewalks - Phase II - Portal & Natale Drive
  • Annual Asphalt Resurfacing - North Colonial, Old Oak, Cherry Hill, and Sycamore

Completed Projects in 2016

  • Annual Asphalt Resurfacing - Lakeview Dr (Portal Dr to Wakefield Dr), Fowler St (Maplewood Dr to eastern city limits), Diamond Way (Fowler St to Gemwae) and Gemwae

Completed Projects in 2015

  • North High St Sidewalks
  • Annual Asphalt Resurfacing - Lakeview Dr (Wakefield Dr to Greenbriar Dr), Wakefield Dr (Niles Cortland Rd to Lakeview Dr), Willow St, Russell St and Cedar Dr
  • Downtown Waterline Replacement- Phase II and III
  • Pearl Park Restroom Facilities
  • High & Main St Intersection Improvement/Bridge Replacement

Completed Projects in 2014

  • High & Main St Intersection Improvement/Bridge Replacement - Phase I
  • Wellfied Design/PRV
  • High & Main St Resurfacing
  • Annual Asphalt Resurfacing - Southdale Blvd, Greenbriar Dr (Niles Cortland Rd to Gemwae), Wae Trail (Corriedale Dr to Terre Hill Dr), Portal Dr (S High St to Gas Well Rd) and Spring Creek Dr (Beechwood Dr to Circle)
  • South Colonial Storm Sewer Improvements - Phase I and Phase II

Completed Projects in 2013

  • Downtown Waterline Replacement - Phase 1
  • Annual Asphalt Resurfacing - Dennis Dr, Stahl Ave, Viets, Walnut and partial depth pavement repair on Portal
  • Willow Park Resurfacing
  • Chemical Feed Vault
  • Pearl Street Parking Lot Improvements
  • Water Storage Tank Demolitions - Willow Park, Southdale, and City Hall