Sanitary Sewer System


The Service Department is responsible for the wastewater collection system for the City of Cortland.

Most of the older portion of the city’s collection system operates by gravity flow while many of the newer sections have lift stations. Lift stations are facilities designed to move wastewater from lower to higher elevation. This is necessary where the elevation is not sufficient for gravity flow. The lift stations are two pump systems so that there is a back-up and have monitoring equipment that notify the city when there are malfunctions.


City wastewater is treated by the Trumbull County Sanitary Engineer at the Mosquito Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant located in Howland. The city is charged monthly on the volume that is treated and also shares in capital costs for the treatment facility.

In 2016, the City of Cortland sent 337 million gallons of sewage to the plant for treatment.

Components of Sanitary Sewer System

Collection:     38 Miles of Pipe – ranging from 4” to 24” – Replacement cost of $21,000,000

Lift Stations: 8 Lift Stations with a replacement value of $1,000,000

Planned Projects

The Trumbull County Sanitary Engineer has a planned $20,000,000 capital improvements project for the Mosquito Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant which the City will share in the expenditure.

More Information on the Sanitary Sewer System

Keep Wipes Out Of Pipes – Flushing wipes and other “flushable/disposable” items can cause problems in the City’s sewer system. Though these items may be biodegradable they do not break down between your home and the lift station.

What to do in case of a Sewer Backup

During regular business hours, call the City Administration Office at 330-637-3916.

After hours and weekends, call the non-emergency number for the Police Department at 330-638-1000 and they will notify the Service Department.

The Service Department will check to make sure that city lines are flowing properly in which case you may then need to contact a plumber.