Fire Dept. & EMS Members

Fire Department and EMS Members

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Fire Chief David Rea


Full Time  
Part Time
Patrick Dales  Captain John Dillon Firefighter/EMT
Todd Price  Captain Andy Mooney Firefighter/Medic
Jeff Wagner  Captain Doug Johnson Firefighter/EMT-1
Todd Metzendorf  Firefighter/Medic Eric Miller Firefighter/Medic
Bill Brewer  Firefighter/Medic Ross McCartney Firefighter/Medic
Dan Jaros  Firefighter/Medic Anthony Fairbanks Firefighter/Medic
Cory VanKanegan  Firefighter/Medic Jeremy Bahen Firefighter/Medic
Scott Bower  Firefighter/Medic Shane Stelk Firefighter/Medic
Cody Smith  Firefighter/Medic Zach Holmes Firefighter/Medic
Colin Dales Firefighter/Medic
Robert Geiselman Firefighter/Medic
Steve Mauch Firefighter/Medic
Mark Collings Firefighter/Medic
Tracy Geiselman Firefighter/Medic
Giovambattista Melia Firefighter/EMT
Amerissa Minor Firefighter/EMT
Sophia Minor Firefighter/EMT
Nicholas Lansinger Firefighter/EMT
William Clark Firefighter/EMT
Ted Pettigrew Firefighter/Medic


Chris Guesman Firefighter
David Morris Firefighter/EMT
Nate Durig Firefighter/Medic
Megan Durig Firefighter/EMT
Paula Rea Paramedic
Michelle VanKanegan Firefighter/EMT
Sheila Doan Paramedic

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