Business Simplified


Business Owner,

I want to personally welcome your business to our city. Cortland is one of the lowest cost (tax and utilities) cities for business in Ohio and there is no income tax. We are a growing community - one that is moving ahead while still maintaining the charm that keeps us unique. It was first settled in 1804 as part of the original Connecticut Western Reserve. Cortland was incorporated as a city in 1981. The population is now over 7,100 people. Cortland is located in the heart of Trumbull County, adjacent to Mosquito Reservoir and State Park. State highways 5 and 46 are both accessible through the city. We are also a short distance from Interstate 80 via State Route 11. Below you will find important information you need to establish and conduct your business in Cortland. The City wishes you the best in your endeavor and hopes your business will be very successful in our community.

If we can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to call 330-637-3916 or email gro.d1709631319naltr1709631319ocfoy1709631319tic@r1709631319oyaM1709631319.

Yours truly,
Mayor Deidre Petrosky





  1. Planning, Zoning and Building Commission
    The City of Cortland’s Planning, Zoning, and Building Commission meets the 2nd Monday of every month at 7:00 pm. Your new business application, new sign application, and appropriate site plans need to be received by the 1st Monday of the month for your new business to be placed on the agenda for approval. You may contact the secretary at 330-637-3011 to be placed on the agenda.


    • Fill out New Business Application
      • Attach a detailed site plan
      • If new building is to be constructed, fill out New Commercial Building Application and call the Service Director for more information at 330-637-4637
      • If new parking spaces are added, attach a detailed parking lot plot as per the zoning ordinance
    • Fill out New Sign Application (if applicable)
      • Attach a sketch/site plan of where the sign will be located on the property
      • Attach drawing or picture of proposed sign including color scheme, materials, dimensions, character of letters, lines and symbols, method of illumination, etc.
      • Include Permit Fee of $25.00
    • Once you have submitted your paperwork, it will be reviewed to make sure it is consistent with the Cortland City’s zoning regulations. You or a representative from your business need to appear before the scheduled Planning, Zoning & Building Commission Meeting to explain your business to the board members and answer any questions they may have.
  1. Police Department
    1. Fill out New Business Form
  1. Fire Department
    1. Rapid Entry System Information (O-53-02, Cod. Ord. Ch. 1527)
    2. Knox Box Application - Click here to fill out an online application or stop by the Cortland City Fire Station to pick one up
  1. Service Department
    1. Letter from Service Director Kim Blasco
    2. Fill out Backflow Prevention Program Cross-Connection Survey
    3. 2023 Ohio EPA Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control
    4. Backflow protection device information (O-05-89, Cod. Ord. Ch. 921.02)
  1. Water/Sewer Billing Department
    Stop in the Cortland Administration Building to open a water/sewer account or call 330-637-3916 for more information. 


All information above is available for pick up at the Cortland City Administration Building.