Planning, Zoning & Building Commission


The Planning, Zoning, and Building Commission meets the 2nd Monday each month at 7:00 at the City Administration Building, 400 N High St.

Composition and Term

The Commission shall consist of five (5) electors of the Municipality not holding other public office, all of whom shall serve without compensation for a term of five (5) years. The Commission members shall be appointed by the Mayor.

Powers and Duties of the Commission

  • The regulation of the bulk and location of buildings and other structures to be erected or altered, including the percentage of lot occupancy, set back building lines, and the area of yards, courts and other open spaces
  • The regulation and restriction of the location of buildings and other structures and of premises to be used for trade, industry, residence, or other specified uses
  • The location, widening, extension, and vacation of streets, alleys, public ways, parks, playgrounds, recreation areas, and other public places
  • The preparation of plans and maps for the future physical development and harmonious improvement of the Municipality
  • The Commission meetings must be held at least once each month, shall be open to the public, and a record of its resolutions, findings, and determinations shall be maintained. The Commission shall have such powers and duties as are conferred upon it by the laws of Ohio concerning:
  • The plan, design, location, removal, relocation, and alteration of any public building or structure and public property
  • The approval of plats for the subdivision of lands
  • The regulation and limitation of height of buildings and other structures to be erected or altered
  • The granting of variances

Commission Members

  • Curt Moll, Chair
  • Frank Daugherty
  • Donald Fatobene
  • Brain Hodor
  • Sally Lane