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Water & Sewer Department


The City of Cortland receives its drinking water from seven wells.  Four of the wells are located in Willow Park, two behind City Hall and one on Bradley-Brownlee Road.  We draw our water from a limestone aquifer approximately 300 feet deep.  We have a current, unconditioned license to operate our water system.  Currently our only treatment is fluoridation and chlorination.

Ohio EPA completed a study of Cortland City’s source of drinking water, to identify potential contaminant sources and provide guidance on protecting the drinking water source.  According to this study, the aquifer that supplies our water has a LOW susceptibility to contamination.  This determination is based on the presence of a thick protective layer of clay overlying the aquifer, the significant depth of the aquifer, the absence of significant levels of chemical contaminants in the ground water from human activities, and no apparent significant potential contaminant sources in the protection area.  This susceptibility means that under currently existing conditions, the likelihood of the aquifer becoming contaminated is low.  This likelihood can be minimized by implementing appropriate protective measures.

Components of Water System

Source:            7 Wells

Distribution:    39.8 Miles of Waterline

Storage:           500,000 Gal Tank

Recently Completed Projects

2010 – 500M Gal Elevated Tank - $878,000

2010 – N High St. Waterline Phase II - $482,800

2011 – N Wellfield Interconnect - $264,768

2013 – Downtown Waterline Replacement – Phase 1 - $417,800

2014 – Downtown Waterline Replacement – Phase 2 - $431, 250

2015 – Downtown Waterline Replacement – Phase 3 - $366,250

 Planned Projects

2017 – S Mecca Waterline Replacement - $607,500

Please see the documents below for more information on our water system:

2016 Consumer Confidence Report

2016 Ambient Ground Water Quality Report

Lead Fact Sheet

Map of City Service Lines & Service Line Material

Map of City Structure Plumbing Material

Common Questions about Discolored Water