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Administration Office:
ph: 330-637-3916
400 North High Street
Cortland, Ohio 44410

Water & Sewer Department

Storm Sewer System

City of Cortland Storm Water Runoff flows to Mosquito Lake or Mosquito Creek.  The City has a mutual agreement with Trumbull County Soil and Water Conservation District for enforcement and compliance of storm water regulations.

Components of Storm Sewer System

·        47.2 Miles of Collection System

·        2,109 Catchbasins

·        138 Outfalls

·        39 Culverts

·        5 Retention Basins

Recent Projects

·        2009 Charles Avenue

·        2010 Stahl Estates

·        2011 Heritage Lane

·        2012 Wilson-Sharpsville

·        2012 Cedar Dr.

·        2013 S Colonial Phase 1

·        2014 S Colonial Phase 2

How Residents Can Help Minimize Stormwater Pollution

·        Do not put leaves and grass cuttings in the street

·        Help keep Catch Basins clear

·        Minimize Use of Lawn Care Chemicals

·        Do not dump any other items into the Storm Drains

·       Use a commercial car wash that treat or recycles its wastewater or wash your car on your yard so the water infiltrates into the ground

·        Collect rainwater in rainbarrels or design rain gardens

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