City of Cortland Planning, Zoning & Building Commission met on Monday January 10, 2011 at 7:00 P. M. at the City Administration Building, 400 N. High Street. Members present: Chairman Scott Daffron, Vice-Chairman, Bill Sasse, Charlie Peck, Jim Chubb and Scott Rowley. Also present were Law Director Patrick Wilson, Mayor Curt Moll, and Service Director, Don Wittman and the Following individuals:


Tony PetroccoIII †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 346 Cheviot Place, Cortland

Tony Petrocco Jr.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 669 Cedar Dr, Cortland

Tracey Vernon†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 162 S. High, Cortland

Patricia Sperry†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 162 S. High, Cortland


Scott Daffron: Today is Monday, January 10, 2011. Iíd like to call to order the Cortland Planning, Zoning & Building Commission.


Roll Call: Bill Sasse, here; Scott Rowley, here; Scott Daffron, here; Charles Peck, here; Jim Chubb, here.


Scott Daffron: Can I have a motion for approval of commission minutes for the regular meeting held December 13, 2010?


Charles Peck: made a motion to approve December 13, 2010 Commission minutes seconded by Bill Sasse.Roll Call: Scott Daffron, yes; Charles Peck, yes; Scott Rowley, abstain; Jim Chubb, yes; Bill Sasse, yes.


Scott Daffron: From last month on old business can I have a motion for approval on 13-10 new business Admired Residential SVCS-162 S. High ĖTracey Vernon- Adult Day Program- Developmentally Disable- Mon-Fri 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., up to 10 employees, use existing building and parking spaces.


Bill Sasse: made a motion for approval of 13-10. Seconded by Charles Peck.


Scott Dafferon: Who do we have to represent this tonight?


Tracey Vernon


Scott Daffron: If you would please give us a little over view of your business.


Tracey Vernon: Our problem is to design to help with developmentally disables, formally know as mentally retardation and developmentally disables. To have opportunities to learn new skills potential job tasks and skill to provide for recreation opportunities learning hands on experience. Something that keeps them involved and keeps them from sitting at home watching TV all day and staying in bed all day. Gives them another option verses the county environment facility and not really day programs work programs the state as recently come up with these individuals have a right to choices option to utilize other service and other service providers . As a correct residential provider for in home care we expanded are services to incorporate day programs.


Scott Daffron: You stated in here that your clients donít drive. I just have one question? Do you have bus service to there?


Tracey Vernon:Right now we are using are own staff for transportation. I will be getting some of the wheelchair accessible vehicles.


Scott Daffron: They will be yours?


Tracey Vernon: They will be mine. And the vehicles will be parked there during the week and probably stay there thru the evenings, have not quite determined that yet, where the vehicle will be stored at evening times. May have staff take them home, not sure where we are at with that, probably be a good 6 to 8 months before we can afford transportation in a mass vehicle.


Scott Rowley: Whatís the occupancy how many people can you hold there?


Tracey Vernon: I believe forty eight. Then that was a temporary extended the land owner had to do some modification for my specifications and widen some doorways to be 36 inch expansion to go in the back, two rooms, oneís the kitchen where the restroom is located and other things. The panic bar on the back door and some levers instead of door handles on the restroom, we have taken care of all those repairs and they were going to come in today but they did not need to come back and to do a reinspectionso they can take the occupancy up to 55 .


Scott Rowley: Is that similar to Fairhaven?


Tracey Vernon:Its similar Fairhaven is run by the county and the state does not allow the county to reject service to anyone that is developmentally disabled. This program because it is private owner. I am certified thru the state I have credentials and long list of things I had to do to become certified. Its similar, their set up to do more peace work and foundation and handle high people with more service behavioral and things. I personally take on the severally profaned individual. I feel they are better when their working with groups and so forth. I do take on higher figural individuals. People that are able to do some activities that you have eye hand coordination.


Bill Sasse: Fire department ok.


Fire Chief Bill Novakovich: We have been there as well with the county at least one time. In reference to your state increasing occupancy if I Ďam not mistaken Tom as well as one of my inspectorís we had talk about that back door with panic hardware. But also the question had come back last inspection was with the exit sign it self and if not mistaken it was not wired.


Tracey Vernon: It is wired.


Fire Chief Bill Novakovich: That would be one of the things; Tom would be looking for prior to allowing the occupancy to go up above 50.Up to 50 they would have allowed one exit. But above that you would have to show the two exits.


Tracey Vernon: Itís on and functioning as of today.


Fire Chief Bill Novakovich: Excellent.


Mayor Moll: Is it the same facility that scope used?


Tracey Vernon: Yes.


Mayor Moll:Is it larger then that?


Tracey Vernon: ††No


Mayor Moll: Itís just the one unit. Okay I donít think it was that big.


Scott Rowley: Is there a knox box?


Fire Chief Bill Novakovich: Yes there is one for that entire building.


Jim Chubb: Scope was in that building and then there was room next to it.


Tracey Vernon: No actually there is the Dairy Queen and our location and H R Block. And thereís other small location between the physical therapy and H R Block.

So we are not utilizing that other space.


Mayor Moll: Okay.


Scott Daffron: Okay I do not think it was that big either.


Tracey Vernon:No, No then I first walk in it was a big open empty room. I thought ok this going to be a challenge. We got a remaining open room that let us make sure everyone is okay.


Bill Sasse: I went in today. They have a nice clean operation going on.


Tracey Vernon: Right now we just have two individuals one that Iím taking on free from the state. Because she was not doing well in county run programs, several different ones Fairhaven and Tomaski center, Champion workshop. So sheís coming to our day program and she is doing quite well. She enjoys it and having a good time doing well cooperating with her parent at home. Because she has something fun to look forward to. So itís make a sufficient difference in her life.

Scott Daffron: Do you have signage portion coming.


Tracey Vernon: Iím sorry.


Mayor Moll: Are you going to have a sign?


Tracey Vernon: Itís up already. Itís in the front window.


Bill Sasse: Itís a temporary sign.


Tracey Vernon: Itís a banner put it interior. Itís not hanging outside the building. Itís hanging down in the window.


Scott Daffron: You are not putting other sign?


Tracey Vernon: ††No not at this time.



Scott Daffron: We usually see a sign and a business the same night.


Bill Sasse: You would have to get a permit for a sign.


Tracey Vernon:No, I do not plan on putting one in. I know that I am not going to be there too long well see, I have one year, depends on how big we get and what the need is for our services. I may have to utilize a larger facility at some point in time in the future.


Charles Peck: What age groups do you service?


Tracey Vernon: 18 years and older.


Scott Daffron: Do we have and other questions? Seeing none Julie can we have vote?

Roll Call: Jim Chubb, yes; Scott Rowley, yes; Bill Sasse, yes; Scott Daffron, yes; Charles Peck, yes.That approves your business.


Scott Daffron:Moving on to new business can I have a motion for approval on 16-10 Final Plat of Cortland Courts Plat No.2 minor subdivision.

Bill Sasse: made a motion for approval of 16-10. Seconded by Charles Peck.


Scott Daffron: Who do we have to speak on behalf of this tonight?


Tony Petrocco III


Tony Petrocco III: We are bringing a single lot in for a plat we have plans to put a duplex on the lot re-plat Cortland Courts plat we are adding a lot to the other plat.


Don Wittman: Just for the review information for the commission this lot fronts the existing right a way all utilities are in. It being treated as a minor subdivision it is coming off the acres of what will be Petrocco plat 11.


Mayor Moll: So it is at the back of the apartments?


Don Wittman: Correct, It is right across the street from the swimming pool and the existing right away.


Don Wittman: Did you buy property there that little sliver there.


Scott Daffron: No


Don Wittman: Thatís your neighbor thatís in the corner there.This is a minor subdivision going in as Cortland Courts No. 2 plat the information is the packet that was submitted a had atypo Courtland however that will be fixed for the final plat which will be forward to council approval.


Tony Petrocco: Itís already been fixed.


Don Wittman: Ya, I just did not distribute it to them.So I do have the corrective copy. Then the intent is to build a so called modular unit for the remaining portion of Petrocco plat 11 as that moves forward.


Mayor Moll: This is going to be a duplex so 11 is going to be duplexes then?


Tony Petrocco: What our plan is up to the creek area is to do multi-duplex then three, four, then do small homes.


Scott Rowley:Is there a map some where?If I am hearing this correctly it is at the back of all the plat lots?


Mayor Moll: If your going thru the apartments and the big apartment unit on either sides itís last one on the left hand side just be on that.


Tony Petrocco: The last apartment building directly across from where the swimming pool is.


Scott Rowley: Okay so next to the last unit or is it further down?


Tony Petrocco: It is right next to the last unit.


Scott Daffron: So any other questions?


Scott Rowley: I think I read something about a road that I could not quickly find.


Tony Petrocco: The road in everything had previously accepted by the city in 1976 or something like that.


Scott Daffron: So any other question on the sub division. Seeing none can we have a vote on ††16-10? Roll Call: Scott Daffron, yes


Jim Chubb: ††Excuse me this is pure rental is not state.


Tony Petrocco: There not going to be build as condo m. if that your question?


Jim Chubb: No is it income?


Tony Petrecco:These are straight rental.


Charles Peck: Don what the zoning in this area??


Mayor Moll:†† Multi- Family.


Don Wittman: Residential multi-family.


Scott Rowley: There are not any single family dwelling back there are there??


Don Wittman: On Maplewood currently is all multi unit complex 6-plex the small unit.

Tony Petrecco: Ya.


Scott Daffron: Any other questions?


Jim Chubb: No.


Scott Daffron:Charles good.


Charles Peck: Good Sir.


Scott Daffron: Can we have a vote on 16-10?

Roll Call: Scott Daffron, yes; Jim Chubb, yes; Scott Rowley, yes; Charles Peck, yes; Bill Sasse, yes.


Scott Daffron: Next on the agenda can I have a motion for 17-10, Zoning Permit Approval- duplex- Lot # 10 Plat. No. 2- W. A. E. Corporation, Anthony Petrocco.

Bill Sasse: made a motion for approval of 17-10. Seconded by Scott Rowley.


Scott Daffron: This just a continuous of what naturally what we were just talking about.


Tony Petrocco: This is the duplex that weíre going to put on the lot that you just approved. We have several lots back in there, we want to do duplex, 4Ėplex on and do some rentals and kind fade into single families in the back pair of the property the duplexes are thousand five sq feet each side I believe single car garage the building set back a little bit longer so driveways are longer so we do not run in to parking problems. Most of the driveways are going to be 60 plus feet long and we are going to go in our selfand make sure these thing are done a little differently then in the past Evon circle we want make sure get landscaped and things are done a little differently then what happen over there. Thoses were not are buildings. Our plan is to rent these out.


Mayor Moll: You will be selling some as well as rent them too?


Tony Petrocco: We will probably doing a little of both.If you want some kind of idea of what we do just drive down Amyís place and you can see how nice is down thru there and how itís landscaped and so forth that the kind work we do and even with are rentals.


Mayor Moll: Do you have any places to do two car garages, down the road


Tony Petrecco: If†† someone wants to come along and put a unit up with two garages we have no problem with it. This lot wonít accommodate that.


Mayor Moll: Ya itís only 9 ft wide, pretty tough to get two in there.


Don Wittman: In looking at that I see the area of the garage is such that it is a two garage it just that is deeper. Itís going to be a total of 28ft deep.


Tony Petrecco: On Evon Circle we had nothing to do with that over there we could not control that, but again if you go down Amy Place you will see that there hardly any parking on the street. Need to be whoís holding the stick so to speak.


Scott Daffron: The only other thing to consider is I just know this from living there is that back lot water.Not necessary for me. But two of the neighbor are going to be more in packed by that just keep that in mind think just really flat back there.


Tony Petrocco: Ya it is pretty flat.

Mayor Moll: It does not slope to the street or anything.


Scott Daffron: Itís just really flat it will pond up and itís done in couple of days.


Mayor Moll: It should not get any worst by building on it.

Scott Daffron:
No it should not get any worse just something to keep in mind.


Tony Petrocco: If anything removing the trees and providing grass is going increase absorption.


Scott Daffron: I do not think itís huge problem. It just something I am throwing out there.


Tony Petrecco: If it gets too bad we put French drain in there. Or do something like that to pick the water up we have done that to.


Charles Peck: These things are stable no basement right.


Tony Petrecco: Right.


Scott Daffron: Any other question on 17-10?


Jim Chubb: You donít think there going to be a problem in the back of that with water?


Scott Daffron: I honestly donít know. Iknow ponds but , to say what their going to modify whatís going to happen back there, that lot isfairly deep I donít think it is going to change what happens I know I have two neighbors that are down from me thatís a major concern with them for year and they do not know this is going on. Just over the year thatís been a concern of their. My lot drains I donít care.


Tony Petrecco: We are definitely going to make sure itís graded.


Mayor Moll: If you build on a lot like this where the lot slopes significant toward the front were going to create a dam effect in less you make some commendation right.


Scott Daffron: I think it flows south if you pay attention easily flows south to that little I donít know what you call that a little ditch that the water flow s too.


Scott Daffron: Any other question. Can we have a vote on 17-10?

Roll call: Scott Rowley, yes; Bill Sasse, yes; Jim Chubb, yes; Scott Daffron, yes; Charles peck, yes.


Charles Peck: Thank you for getting some build started here in Cortland.


Tony Petrecco: That particular build I do not think they build that one any where.


Charles Peck: I think I did see that design around town not sure.


Tony Petrecco: We did design that about ten years ago we were going to build it for a gentleman, at the time was going to pick up every duplex on Evon circle. Itís just been a set of plans so had just lying around.


Scott Daffron: Something very similar when we talk about that plat back there you had something sketched up like, it or something.


Tony Petrecco: Even though itís a rental people still want to live in a nice looking home.


Mayor Moll: There is a need for this kind of rental property around here. Thereís a lot of subsidize rental property. This is mid range rental that fills that void.


Tony Petrecco: I hope it is the first of many.


Don Wittman: ††Did we vote on this? I step out.


Scott Daffron: Yes


Don Wittman: Itís continuance on council vote of the final plat of Cortland Courts.


Scott Daffron: Any other issues tonight? Seeing as none. Can we have a motion to adjourn?


Bill Sasse made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Scott Rowley. Roll Call: Jim Chubb. yes; Scott Rowley,yes; Bill Sasse, yes; Scott Daffron, yes; Charles Peck, yes; MOTION APPROVED.


Meeting Adjourned: 7:30pm.

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Scott Daffron, Chairman †††††††††† Date††††††††††† Julie Shaffer-Wood, Sec