City of Cortland Planning, Zoning & Building Commission met on Monday February 14, 2011 at 7:00 P. M. at the City Administration Building, 400 N. High Street. Members present: Chairman, Scott Daffron, Vice-Chairman, Bill Sasse, Charlie Peck, Scott Rowley, and absent was Jim Chubb. Also present were Law Director Patrick Wilson, and Service Director, Don Wittman and the Following individuals:


Tom Canter †††††††††††††† 2047Cambrid Mill††† Granville, Ohio

James Milligan††††††††† 4685 Larwill††† Columbia, Ohio

Todd Price††††††††††††††††† Cortland Fire Dept††††††††††††††††


Scott Daffron: Today is Monday, March 14, 2011. Iíd like to call to order the Cortland Planning, Zoning & Building Commission.

Roll Call: Bill Sasse, here; Scott Rowley, here; Scott Daffron, here; Charles Peck, here; Jim Chubb, absent.


Scott Daffron: Can I have a motion for approval of Commission minutes for the regular meeting held February 14, 2011?


Charles Peck: made a motion to approved February 14, 2011 Commission minutes seconded by Bill Sasse. Roll Call: Scott Daffron, yes; Charles Peck, yes; Scott Rowley, yes; Jim Chubb, absent; Bill Sasse, yes.


Scott Daffron: No old business on the agenda. On new business can I have a motion for approval 04-11 Commercial Addition- Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services ĖLake Vista Nursing Addtion-303 North Mecca Streets Ė 14,846 sq ft addition to front of existing building?


Bill Sasse: made a motion for approval of 04-11, seconded by Charles Peck.


Scott Daffron: Who do we have to represent this tonight?


Troy Snyder, Executive Director, Lake Vista

James M. Milligan, J MM Architects, Inc

Tom Canter, Director of contraction


Scott Daffron: Can you give us a little over view of what you are planning there?



James M. Milligan: ††In front the faculties weíre going to house an additional rehab unit of beds, also includes a rehab center and physical therapy, also have apartment at the north end of the driveway then we can figure the parking at the south end alternating parking and character of the building is going to be very similar of what is existing. We have a little upgrade with some stone on it since its right out front. That is why the fronts sets back. We ask for a couple of variances to set back the parking on the north side.


Charles Peck: Is this a stand alone building or is it going to be attached?


James M. Millgan: ††Itís going to be attached to the existing building. On the drawing it so the existing dining room is there, we can throw that door there and it will be a new dining room for these residents, also thatís the main wing and the entrance canopy has protection. In proximity to the street it will be very similar to the far north wing.


Scott Daffron: Both parking areas on this, you have as bid 1 and bid 2. Does that mean both are being considered?



James M. Milligan: Both of them are alternate bids.


Scott Daffron: ††Iím just confused to what exact parking you are looking at?


James M. Milligan: We actually have three proposals we have a base bid proposal, we would sure like to do every one of them. We have a budget we have to meet, we thinkmost likely weíll do at least the north parking lot that gives us the most additional parking on this side, the south parking lot actually is amended a little bit, we have survey to hand out.


Mayor Moll: I do not think there any variances required for parking set back. I think itís just for buildings.


James M. Milligan:†† We thought it was your regulation on building and parking front part set back area and we are also approaching a little on the side yard set back at that point.


Don Wittman: The policy as always was that the parking area does not fall under the access use. That is adjacent from the drive with in the existing driveway with in the parking area. The front set back is not an issue. There really is not any set back that the parking lot needs to adhere to under the regulation.


James M. Milligan: Great.


Don Wittman: We just want to clarify for the records.If there was to be a variance we would have to have a public hearing. And go through that process.


James M. Milligan: So we seem to think that there are no variances .We are reprising in parking along the existing drive on both sides.


Scott Daffron: Don, as far as you have reviewed on this, do you have any problem with this?


Don Wittman: Just the parking issue the number of spots that were calculated based on the plan was for the existing proposed addition. Required spaces are eighty two, So in my mind for this plan to comply with the city ordinance they need to propose with the base bid parking and alternate bid number two to come up with the eighty seven spaces total.


Mayor Moll: Which one is two?


Don Wittman: †††Yes, Alternate bid number two is the thirty six new spaces.


James M. Milligan: This plan that you have as amendedas analternate two thatís what I just handed out today. The survey when we got that data the addition survey data.The original one that we handed in did not work. We revised.


Scott Daffron: So alternate two is twenty.


Don Wittman: Excuse me let me revise that the north parking lot off the drive which is bid item number one would take thirty nine, add that on to the existing sixty seven will be in excess of the required parking base on this number that we have been shown. Any one that has been to any events in the dining hall or special lunch know that parking is a premium.

Charles Peck: ††Are they losing spots?


Mayor Moll: No not with this addition.


James M. Milligan: We are losing ten, but, weíre adding fourteen to the base bid.


Don Wittman: Letís look at the base bid by just doing the base bid that does not put you into the new spaces for the additional beds or the addition employee per shift requirement. You would need five for the additional beds and one space for every two employee on one shift. So you needed to make up ten or twelve spaces. If you just look at the existing code it met when it was submitted, weíre just going to deal with addition. Now youĎre going back and looking at your total facility what the requirements are today under the current ranks which are the same from when this was initially brought before the city.


James M. Milligan: I think we can certainly comment to the eighty seven spaces and forget the base bid and the base bid being the eighty seven and the alternate bid parking.


Scott Daffron: I would like to clear up what is the base bid?


James M. Milligan: Do you mean what is base bid?


Patrick Wilson: He wants to see what one it is on the pager.


Don Wittman: If you look up on our plan that was submitted, the base bid has not changed, if you look at page one of one in the lower right corner it shows a parking plan okay. Currently right now there are the two handicapped spaces and nothing else. Those eight spaces there, six next to the handicap are going to be new, and then you have six existing spaces which are not going to be adjusted. Then you have six new spaces on the driveway coming up the hill from the main entrance. Now youíre losing eight where the addition itís going to be.


James M. Milligan: We computed losing ten and adding fourteen.


Don Wittman: Right there a parking area of eight youíre saying, the way itís calculated youíre losing other two and a handicap space, then youíre getting back by showing them in that plan.


James M. Milligan: Yes thatís what the case is.


Scott Daffron: Now what you are committing to is alternate bid 1 and alternate bid 2?


Mayor Moll: No.


Scott Daffron: Okay this is where Iím confused.


James M. Milligan: What we would commit to this it would take is making, we do part of alternate bid 1 and the base bid to get the eighty six. If thatís what we have to do weíre happy to do that.We fully believe that weíre going to do the interlay alternate bid 1 and maybe hopefully alternate bid 2. We want as much parking as we can get.


Mayor Moll: We want some green space to. We need balances.


James M. Milligan: I do not think with the proposal that if both alternate bids are constructed it will be hogging up all the green space with this construction. There still a lot of green there.


Mayor Moll: Alternated bid one does not bother me but, alternate bid two is adding a lot of asphalt in the middle of the front of the facility.

James M. Milligan:
Itís a little closer to the road. It does have retaining wall if you are familiar with block wall it extents then it tiers.


Scott Daffron: At this point we commit to eighty seven total spaces.


Don Wittman: Eighty two is required.


Scott Daffron: Eighty two is required. Weíre sitting here with a couple different proposal what exactly are we committing too?


Don Wittman: There fifty new that needs to be constructed.


Mayor Moll:Do you see any issues with the access to the front of that building with the way this is being constructed.


Todd Price: My main question would be do we go in that east entrance a lot. Where thatís going to be build off of where would our ambulance accesses. Because 98 % of our patients we take out are rehab patients, would we have to go down under the canopy still?

Or would there be a main access right there.


James M. Milligan: There going to be a main access right there with out a canopy but with this new proposal that they just got shown a handicap space on either side for where we want you guys to media to put up to. So were making it a little more convenient for them to respond sometimes from the independent side happens all at the same time we have comfortable safety zone on both side.


Todd Price: With our drills there very good at doing different evacuation stuff obviously he done some thought.


Mayor Moll: You can get a lot closer to the entrance now. Then you probably will be able to.


Todd Price: When we looked at the original thing we did not see anything with it.


Troy Snyder: You can get closer now then you could before. Itís about half the distance by side walk that it was before.


Patrick Wilson:Troy just so we get the record straight what is†† your last name, Snyder.

Thank you.


Scott Daffron: Any more questions? Or concerns?


Scott Daffron: Seeing no other comments. Can we have a vote on 4-11?

Bill Sasse made a motion for approval of 4-11, seconded by Charles Peck. Roll Call: Scott Rowely, yes; Bill Sasse, yes; Scott Daffron, yes; Charles Peck, yes; that approvals your addition.


Don Wittman: Mr. Milligan Iíll contact your office once I have that permit is there a time line as far as making that application zoning permit to you.


James M. Milligan: We need time to wrap up our plans in about a month.


Don Wittman: Then you need to get a building permit through Trumbull county department. Should not need anything in regard a zoning approval itís a commercial building code they have thirty days to approval or deny.


Scott Daffron:If thereís nothing else, can I have a motion to adjourn.


Charles Peck made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Bill Sasse. Roll Call: Jim Chubb. yes; Scott Rowley, yes; Bill Sasse, yes; Scott Daffron, yes; Charles Peck, yes; MOTION APPROVED.


Meeting Adjourned: 7:18pm.

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Scott Daffron, Chairman ††††††††††††††††††††† Date†††††††††††††††† Julie Shaffer-Wood, Secretary