January 11, 2010


PRESENT:  Bill Sasse, Scott Daffron, Scott Rowley, Jim Chubb


Mayor Moll asked for nominations for Chairman.


            NOMINATIONS:  Scott Daffron nominated by Bill Sasse, seconded

                                                                        by Jim Chubb.


                        ALL AYES, (Scott Daffron, abstained)


Scott Daffron_ appointed as Chairman



Scott Daffron, Chairman asked for nominations for Vice Chairman.


            NOMINATIONS:  Bill Sasse, nominated by Jim Chubb, seconded

                                                            by Scott Rowley


                        ALL AYES,  (Bill Sasse, abstained)


Bill Sasse appointed as Vice-Chairman


Scott Daffron, Chairman, asked for a motion to approve the Roberts Rule of Order.


            Bill Sasse made motion for adoption of Roberts Rule of Order, seconded by

Jim Chubb


ALL AYES, Roberts Rule of Order adopted


Scott Daffron, Chairman, asked for nominations for Secretary.


            NOMINATIONS:  Dianna Daniels, nominated by Bill Sasse seconded by

                                                            Scott Rowley.


                        ALL AYES, Dianna Daniels appointed as Secretary


Scott Daffron, Chairman, asked for a motion to have monthly meeting 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall.


            Bill Sasse made motion, seconded by Scott Rowley. Bill Sasse, aye; Scott Rowley, aye; Scott Daffron, aye; Jim Chubb, aye.


Motion to adjourn made by Bill Sasse, seconded by Jim Chubb.


 ALL AYES, motion passed




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Scott Daffron, Chairman                       Date                             Dee Daniels, Secretary