PARKS & RECREATION BOARD                     April 12, 2010


The Parks & Recreation Board met on Monday, April 12, 2010 at 5:00 p.m. at the City Administration Building, 400 N. High St., Cortland, Ohio.  In attendance were the following board members:  Dave Christner, James Gibson, Frank Daugherty and John Picuri. Absent was Mike Norton.  Also present were Mayor Curt Moll, Service Director Don Wittman, Scott Taylor, and Jeff Carey.


Frank Daugherty made a motion to approve minutes from March’s meeting, seconded by James Gibson.  All Ayes. MOTION APPROVED


Volleyball Summer League

  • Scott Taylor from the Lakeview High School Volleyball Coach would like to start a summer league at Willow Park. Play Monday thru Thursday 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm starting in May.  Wanting to schedule the use of the Volleyball court and he was advised of our policy of first come first serve. 
  • Lakeview Athletic Boosters would have control over this league. 
  • They may need to set up temporary fencing to keep balls from going onto the baseball field.


Pearl Street Park

  • Jeff Carey, LOSA President was here to discuss continuing to use this park for their league as well as the tournaments they hold.  Use of the soccer fields would be from June until November. 
  • LOSA does all the scheduling of the fields.  He was advised of the first come first serve rule.
  • Will continue to use the Cortland Elementary parking until advised they are not permitted to do so.
  • Future consideration to construction of a concession stand.
  • Baseball league will maintain the baseball field as they have in the past.  The city will keep the grass mowed.
  • Garbage will be handled as it is with the fields at City Hall.


Easter Egg Hunt

  • 500 + Participants this year.
  • Good help from Bazetta.  We have two ladies that are willing to get supplies for future hunts.
  • City of Cortland donated $600 (reimbursement to Lisa Voytek), Bazetta donated $300 and Rotary donated $500
  • Dave turned in receipts from Lisa for this years hunt ($1,113.38)
  • City is to collect and disperse all future monies for Easter Egg Hunt.


James Gibson made a motion to disperse money from Bazetta Township in the amount of $300.00 to Michele DeProfio for 2010 Easter Egg Hunt in advance purchase of 2011 supplies.  Motion seconded by Dave Christner. All Ayes. MOTION APPROVED.


5-Year Plan


            Frank Daugherty made a motion to accept and send to Council the new 5 year

Plan. Seconded by John Picuri. All Ayes. MOTION APPROVED


Willow Park

  • Lids for receptacles were discussed.  These were purchased and installed to keep rain water from collecting in the trash bins as well as keep animals out of them.
  • Total cost was $1500.00
  • Water is turned on in the park.
  • Pornographic drawings are on some of the picnic tables.


New Park on St. Rt. 46

  • ODNR and MetroParks are looking at finalizing the Lease Agreement


Pickleball Court

  • Mayor Moll had a call from an individual that wants to know if they can play street hockey on the court. And wanted to know where the nets were and if the city could place something over the holes in the blacktop from the pickleball nets. 
  • Don advised board that the individual was advised that the street hockey court is no longer in existence.


Construction of water tower

  • Don advised the board that the playground will be closed during working hours on the tank due to safety concerns.


Community Sign

  • The top of the sign needs to be sealed and grouted


Willow Park Walk-thru



John Picuri made motion to adjourn, seconded by Jim Gibson.  All Ayes.  MOTION APPROVED



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Dave Christner, Chairman                            Date          Dee Daniels, Secretary