PARKS & RECREATION BOARD                     August 10, 2009


The Parks & Recreation Board met on Monday, August 10, 2009 at 5:00 p.m. at the City Administration Building, 400 N. High St., Cortland, Ohio.  In attendance were the following board members:  Dave Christner, James Gibson, Lisa Voytek, and John Picuri.  Absent was Mike Norton.  Also present were Mayor Curt Moll, Service Director Don Wittman.


Lisa Voytek made a motion to approve meeting minutes from July’s meeting, seconded by Jim Gibson John Picuri, abstain; Dave Christner, aye; Lisa Voytek, aye; Jim Gibson, aye. MOTION APPROVED


Tennis Court

  • Tennis team was out to the courts this past weekend and pressure washed the courts and got them all cleaned up
  • Dave suggested we need to replace the windscreen on the west side of the courts (the side next to the road).  Trumbull County Tennis Association will split the cost with us.

Dave Christner made a motion to purchase the windscreen, seconded by John Picuri.  All Ayes. MOTION APPROVED

  • Dave also said that the Trumbull County Tennis Association also said they will help next year with the cost of re-sealing and lining the courts.
  • Need to look at replacing the fence posts on the northeast corner of the courts. 
  • Also Dave has a concern about the fence along the north side, questioned should we replace or just keep maintaining.



  • Don gave an update.  Nets have been delivered.  Court has been sealed.  Will be using 3” diameter corner fence posts with sleeves.  City had to purchase a new 2” spray nozzle.  Don has received a few calls from pickleball players questioning the August 1st deadline not being met.  On schedule to have the court completed this week.


Volleyball Court

  • Received a quote from Main Lite for lighting - $3,900.00
  • Board decided to put into budget for next year
  • Don suggested another option maybe to put in a motion activated LED light, Mayor Moll questioned if this would give off enough light.


Park Rules

  • Mayor stated that Dennis Linville suggested to him that maybe if we had some park rules posted in the park then it would help the police
  • Jim is going to take charge of putting together some rules to be shared at September’s meeting
  • The rules would be posted in several locations around Willow Park
  • The rules would have to be adopted by City Council
  • Police have increased their presence at the park during their afternoon shift.
  • May need to get with the officers on the afternoon shift to see what rules they would like to have included.



  • Mayor Moll shared with the Board the 5 year plans from 1997 & 2004 and he asked the Board to look at getting together a new 5 year plan.  Copies were passed out to members and this will be discussed at next month’s meeting.
  • Mayor also is looking at the Inheritance Fund that the city receives now but is just put into the General Fund.  Mayor Moll would like to set up a Capital Improvements Fund for sidewalks and parks.  Board likes this idea.
  • State property on St. Rt. 46 north of town – Dave would like to see the sled riding hill done as soon as possible.   John stated that the Metroparks helped get the dog park put in at Mosquito State Park and they may be able to assist us.  John gave him Mike Wilson’s phone number as a contact.  Need to look at shelters (local clubs could help build these), lights, restrooms (port-a-potties, temporary for now)
  • Mayor Moll also shared with the board that he received a call from a resident who slipped on one of the bridges. 



John Picuri made motion to adjourn, seconded by Jim Gibson. All Ayes.  MOTION APPROVED




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Dave Christner, Chairman                            Date          Dee Daniels, Secretary