PARKS & RECREATION BOARD                     July 13, 2009


The Parks & Recreation Board met on Monday, July 13, 2009 at 5:00 p.m. at the City Administration Building, 400 N. High St., Cortland, Ohio.  In attendance were the following board members:  Dave Christner, James Gibson, Lisa Voytek, and Mike Norton.  Absent was John Picuri.  Also present were Mayor Curt Moll, Service Director Don Wittman, and the following individuals:


                        Kevin Hull                                222 Stahl Ave #103

                        Stephanie Hickey                      120 Diamond Way

                        Michael DeToro                       240 Michaels Ct

                        Cathy Frederich                        707 N Ward, Girard 44420

                        Nanette Schnarrs                      413 Greenbriar

                        Stephanie Schnarrs                   413 Greenbriar

                        Matt Schnarrs                           413 Greenbriar

                        Paul Monroe                            2979 Fallehn Dr

                        Ed Monroe                               2979 Fallehn Dr

                        Robert Wilson                          300 Hillman

                        Rich Stevens                             300 Hillman

                        Maureen Paczak                       2239 Cornerstone

                        Aaron Paczak                           2239 Cornerstone

                        Lauren Paczak                          2239 Cornerstone

                        Jerry Carleton                           415 Cherry Hill

                        Tom Pavlasky                           372 Deer Creek Tr

                        Brett Carnahan                         224 Wae Tr

                        Tessa Rowlands                       2842 Fallehn

                        Claire Rowlands                       2842 Fallehn

                        Jane Rowlands                         2842 Fallehn

                        Beth Harris                               4773 Durst Clagg

                        Joe Teffner                               Warren Meadville Rd

                        Zach Teffner                             Warren Meadville Rd

                        Mallory Kohut                          243 Greenbriar

                        Emily Kohut                             243 Greenbriar

                        Jordyn Ting                              521 Sycamore Tr

                        Jillian Hickey                            170 Diamond Way

                        Ali Krafft                                  2901 Fallehn Dr

                        Alex Ting                                  521 Sycamore Tr

                        Jean & Lindsey Mellott             90 Fairway Dr

                        Tammi Krafft                            2901 Fallehn Dr

                        Stephanie Ting                          521 Sycamore Tr

                        Barbara Rae Kohut                  243 Greenbriar Dr

                        Jim Kohut                                 243 Greenbriar Dr

                        Haley Kunka                            220 Old Oak

                        Kasey Goedeker                      199 Diamond Way

                        Rayna Browning                       2078 Howland Wilson Rd

                        Colleen Browning                     2078 Howland Wilson Rd

                        Mary E Williams                       218 Karakul Dr

                        Jordyn Williams                        218 Karakul Dr                       


Lisa Voytek made a motion to approve meeting minutes from February’s meeting, seconded by Dave Christner All Ayes.  MOTION APPROVED



Pickleball Court

  • Dave Christner gave an overview of when pickleball was originally presented to the board and what was approved through the board.
  • Dave advised the audience that the city is looking at an alternative to the tape being placed on the Tennis Courts.  Proposing to move pickleball courts to the street hockey court.  Making 2 permanent courts on the west end and leaving the basketball hoops on the east end.  The city would seal the court then either place temporary nets (in 5 gallon buckets with poles cemented in) or drill holes into the pavement and place poles with sleeves in so we can remove the nets when needed.
  • Mike Norton questioned the cost to seal?  Don advised around $800
  • Dave questioned if we had ordered the poles & nets?  Don advised he hasn’t proceeded with them yet.  Dave is thinking we can get the nets for around $250
  • Don Wittman advised board that the initial quote we had was to have someone come in and do all the work, however some of it can be done in-house since we have a line striper then we would just need to purchase nets & poles.  Dave asked if this could all be done for no more than $500.  Don advised yes.
  • Mayor Moll asked if we were going to relocate the basketball hoops.  Don advised we’re going to hold off on that for now.  The city would seal, stripe and install nets for 2 courts that would be step 1 and if there is a need we could always look at adding 2 more courts there.
  • Lisa Voytek questioned how much interest is there in pickleball in this area?  She also pointed out that the city was asked to put in a bocce court and horseshoe pits and nobody ever uses them.  Jerry Carleton stated he isn’t sure of the number of people interested but it’s more than street hockey.  Dave Christner advised there were 10-12 people at the last meeting that play pickleball. Don Wittman shared with the board that he saw in his research of pickleball a video clip from one of the morning shows doing a clip on pickleball and how it is taking off around the nation.
  • Mrs. Hickey shared with the board a letter she had from the OHSAA stating that alternative markings on the tennis courts would be illegal for them to play on.  Mayor Moll advised the audience that that is the reason the city took the direction they did with moving it to the street hockey court.
  • Don stated that at the June meeting the board had approved the use of temporary tape to gauge the use and the city did not put any tape down and started looking at the street hockey court instead because the tape was $80 a roll.  Lisa advised that someone is putting masking tape down on the tennis court and it is leaving marks and there was a big ball of masking tape just laying there tonight that she picked up and had to throw away.
  • Dave Christner read letter from OHSAA’s Assistant Commissioner to the board members and audience.

Dave Christner made a motion to fill cracks and seal the street hockey court in preparation of marking two (2) pickleball courts spending up to $800.00, seconded by Jim Gibson.  All Ayes.  MOTION PASSED


Dave Christner made a motion to purchase and install two (2) sets of semi-permanent poles with sleeves and pickleball nets, spending up to $500.00, seconded by Jim Gibson. All Ayes. MOTION PASSED





Input from Residents

·        Kevin Hull voiced his concern about the poles being able to be removed because of the potential that basketball players may get hurt on them if they were left up.  He also inquired on why not a fundraiser to raise money for the expense of the pickleball court like they did with the skateboard park. Mayor Moll advised him it’s no different than the city buying sand for the volleyball court or playground equipment.  Mr. Hull stated if the city pays for ½ then the people interested in pickleball hold fundraisers for the other ½ then they would be more committed to playing.

·        Brett Carnahan questioned why not use the existing basketball court and convert that to pickleball and move the basketball court to the street hockey court.  Mayor Moll advised it wouldn’t be feasible due to lighting cost.  Lights that in place now are specifically for the basketball court and tennis courts.  Mr. Carnahan’s main concern is with the amount of profanity coming from the basketball players.  Players make it a point to scream out vulgarities so that it is heard all over the park.  Mayor Moll said that the street hockey court would have to be repaved due to the existing curbs and that is something we could possibly look at in the future.

·        Kathy Frederick – LHS Girls Tennis Coach – It’s more than just the profanity there is also drug dealing going on in the park

·        George Laskos – stated he has personally gone out on the court and spoken to the boys.  Concerned about the little children that are overhearing the language.  He also stated there needs to be more of a police presence in the park.  They need to get out of their cars and speak to the kids.  This type of language wouldn’t be accepted at the mall or any high school football, basketball, or any other type of games.  He’s had two incidents already this year.

·        Kevin Hull – Everybody realizes they are teenagers and parents saying something to them is not going to do anything.  Need to have rules for the park posted.  People walking dogs are not picking up after their dogs.  Need more cameras around the park.  The pavilions and picnic tables are being defaced with graffiti.  Police presence in the park walking around would make a difference.  If we had rules posted and the kids violated the rules then we could cite them.  We don’t want to take away from the kids that are there to enjoy the park.  The city spent $13,000 on playground equipment outright and there is nothing for 13 and older to do in this city.  Cortland Elementary basketball courts have been taken down.  Need to put more money towards the teens.  Lisa Voytek stated that she agrees with what he is saying but we the parks board can only do so much. Mayor Moll advised that the police can’t be over there all the time; they have to patrol the entire city.  Kevin said we should really consider putting up more cameras and microphones. 

·        Jerry Carleton – suggested moving one of the basketball hoops on the street hockey court to the opposite side of the other and that way it would be moved further way from the pickleball courts and kids wouldn’t take the chance of getting hurt on the posts or nets.

·        Dave Christner asked Don how fast we could have all of this completed.  Don advised he has already spoken to a contractor regarding filling the cracks and sealing the street hockey court.  But he’s not sure as far how long it will take to get the posts & nets delivered.  The contractor said all the city needs to do is powerwash around the edges of the court and they will come in. 

·        Resident concerned over the sticky residue that is marking up the courts by the masking tape that is being put down.  Dave Christner advised her that the city has not put any tape down.  Not sure who is doing it. 


Lisa Voytek made motion to adjourn, seconded by Jim Gibson. All Ayes.  MOTION APPROVED





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Dave Christner, Chairman                            Date          Dee Daniels, Secretary