PARKS & RECREATION BOARD                                June 8, 2009


The Parks & Recreation Board met on Monday, June 8, 2009 at 5:00 p.m. at the City Administration Building, 400 N. High St., Cortland, Ohio.  In attendance were the following board members:  Dave Christner, Mike Norton and John Picuri. Absent was Lisa Voytek and James Gibson. Also present were Service Director Don Wittman and the following individuals:


                                    Jerry Carleton               415 Cherry Hill Lane

                                    Dave Majick                138 Diamond Way

                                    Judy Majick                 138 Diamond Way

                                    Ken Dillon                    140 Dennis Drive

                                    Bruce Gullberg 419 Cherry Hill Lane

                                    Stephanie Hickey          170 Diamond Way

                                    Fred Poese                   166 N Colonial

                                    Karen Poese                166 N Colonial

                                    Ann Gullberg                419 Cherry Hill Lane

                                    Carol Carelton              415 Cherry Hill Lane

                                    Sandra Dillon                140 Dennis Drive


Mike Norton made a motion to approve meeting minutes from February’s meeting, seconded by John Picuri All Ayes.  MOTION APPROVED


Volley Ball Court Lighting

  • Don to get with Main Lite for quotes.  There are possibly two options; connect to backside of existing lighting or put in new power supply with new light.  There is an issue of existing conduit & service handling another light source.  Maybe look at solar lighting as well.  Peak time we would need the light for summer would be 9pm to 11pm


Willow Park Nature Walk

  • Don advised board three (3) signs were ordered today


Recognition Signs at entrance to City of Cortland

  • Dave informed board that Lakeview High School track team boys took 2nd at State and the girls came in 6th place.  There were also individual state champions in the hurdles as well at the 100 yard dash and he was interested in giving recognition to these individuals by placing signs on the existing City of Cortland signs. Don to get back with Dave on this, the city in the past has approved signs for team recognition but not for individuals


Pickleball Court

  • Dave gave an overview of the Board meeting in April in which a pickleball court was approved to be marked on one of the tennis courts as long as it did not interfere with the High School Tennis Team matches.  At the May meeting Dave informed the board that after speaking with the Tennis coach marking one of the courts would in fact interfere with the tennis team matches and they would not be able to play any home matches due to not having the required 3 courts.  So the board rescinded the motion.  Jerry Carleton advised that he did receive a copy of the intercollegiate rules and didn’t understand why because we’re talking about high school.  High School Coach Stephanie Hickey explained that those are the rules the high school is required to abide by as well.  She also advised that if one of the courts were permanently marked for pickleball then they would not be able to host any home matches.  Stephanie suggested an alternative would be using painter’s tape each time they wanted to play so as to not damage the court.


Jerry Carleton stated the high school team is using courts in a community park.  Community park does not involve high school sports.  People who pay taxes and provide services should be afforded use of the facilities.


Dave Christner – We’re trying to accommodate both sports – tennis & pickleball


Jerry Caleton – We would use it as much as the as the tennis teams – 10 matches


Dave Christner – They use it for practices as well the boys have tennis in the spring and the girls have tennis in the fall, with approximately 30 kids involved.


Dave Majick – I called the Ohio High School Athletic Association today and could not get in contact with anyone to verify the rules.  We need to look to the future.  Cortland is an active community people can walk anywhere, they can bike anywhere.  It’s becoming an older community and should be accommodating.


Dave Christner – no one on this board disagrees with what you are saying.  We have 30 student athletes that are involved in tennis and do we really want to jeopardizing their playing?  Can we look at the street hockey court?


Dave Majick -  I’m not sure the surface would be suitable, it’s a little rough.


Resident – Can’t the high school play somewhere else?


Mike Norton – Stephanie, can you tell us who referee’s the matches for the high school?  Is it the coaches?

Stephanie – Usually the kids will call their own lines, if there is a dispute then a coach will come over to address it.  We do have sectional officials that may stop by to oversee matches and if they see additional markings they may have a problem with it.


Mike Norton – have you seen a set of courts with additional lines at any of the schools you play at?


Stephanie – No.


Mike Norton – I personally don’t see it as a problem.


Jerry Carleton – It would be a different color than white.


Mike Norton – I can’t see that stoping a home match.


Jerry Carleton – Volleyball and Basketball do it all the time.


Carol – We have had younger kids come up to us and ask us what we’re playing.


Dave Majick – This is an activity that males and females can play together.


John Picuri – What about the street hockey court?


Dave Christner – There’s concern over the surface – people tend to trip on asphalt – need sto have tennis court type of surface


Mike Norton – Maybe down the road we can look at resurfacing the street hockey court.


Don Wittman – 5 years ago we sealed the tennis court with acrylic base, then painted and put on the lines and it cost around $12,000, that included painting the basketball court as well.


Jerry Carleton – we could use that if the other court is full.


Mike Norton – We need to find a tape that would last.


Jerry Carleton – It has to be 1 ˝” or 2” wide


Mike Norton – It would be cheaper at this time to put tape down on the tennis court


Dave Majick – You should be able to find tape somewhere that would work.  My personal opinion is I’m okay with tape being put down until the fall.


Jerry Carleton – What if pickleball takes off over the summer then the high school girls tennis team comes in the fall and rips the tape up, then there’s an issue.  We’ll probably play pickleball until the fall.


This is a public park but we don’t want to jeopardize the high school athletes either.  We need to look at using the hockey court in the near future.


Dave Majick – By looking to the future and if we can get a couple pickleball courts up and running then we could even hold tournaments where people will come from all over to the play here.


Mike Norton made a motion to mark the tennis court nearest Willow Drive with a semi-permanent tape for this summer, seconded by John Picuri.  ROLL CALL: Mike Norton, yes; John Picuri, yes; Dave Christner, no.  MOTION APPROVED.


John Picuri requested Don get quotes to resurface the street hockey court similar to the tennis courts.


John Picuri made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Mike Norton.  All Ayes.  MOTION APPROVED




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Dave Christner, Chairman                              Date                    Dee Daniels, Secretary